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What We do at Magicworkz

Web Designing

Looking for effective web designing and redesigning?

Magicworkz is the only answer.

Web designing needs complete understanding of client's needs. Designing a website requires planning and cautious thinking. It should be simple and brief to get the job done.

Websites are being created for all types of purposes; they have gained popularity for individuals as well as for companies. In this internet era having a website says it all for your business, getting created your own website from professionals is a wise decision. Designing involves collection of good ideas, arranging them perfectly for a visual treat based on the specific purpose.

Web designing is an art it helps in using technology to the highest extent, and presenting the content on the web page for the end user to access through internet. A sound designer has hands on experience on CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript and other designing principles such as color, balance, rhythm and other elements like layout, graphics, fonts, navigation, content and many more. Unity is another design principle which brings all the elements together for a flawless website.

Redesigning: If your website is not serving the purpose or not functioning as desired, if the site is not user friendly, then redesigning is the answer. Redesigning demands time, research, decision-making and planning.

Website redesign projects should be taken seriously, it's challenging to create a new or design a site besides maintaining the existing content and brand.

Redesigning has benefits such as: improves site profits, increase traffic, speed, performance, enhance user experience at affordable prices.

Magicworkz strives to build user friendly, attractive websites for our clients who wish to conquer the world through internet in just a single click. We are striving to bring the world to you through our sheer hardwork and perseverance. Take our hand to reach the sky...

Web Design

Web Development

In todays fast pace world no industry can make it big without having own website. It helps you reach global client base and also helps to publicize individual's business.

Web development broadly refers to coding and programming the website for better functionality. It helps in hosting the website through internet, using required tasks such as designing the website, developing, content building, network security, client and server side drafting. You should have complete information about domain names, search options and web hosting which helps you construct a solid website.

It ranges from simple to complex web based applications, social network applications and writing markup. Integrating right coding helps create professional and functional website. By using these techniques makes your website user and search engine friendly.

Your website is the first impression on the customer, it is also the image of the company. Getting users to visit your website is the foremost step, we at Magicworkz make it possible for you to grab customer's attention in the first go. Website goals ranges from business to business, we help you achieve your goal through our creative websites through end to end web development techniques.

Web development will spread to greater prospects keeping customer requirements as the first priority; the quality of the website is through good web development tools and applications. Everyone is in search of user friendly and wonderful website to stay on top in the commercial world.

Expand your business through manageable and reasonable website designed and developed to web standards. Good web development is possible from technically sound developers, innovation, creativity and understanding ability.

Magicworkz creates websites with good web development tools and applications, we also help to strengthen your company's presence in the internet market, acting as a window to embrace customers across the globe ensuring profit.

Web Development

Web Application Development

An exceptional increase in number of websites, and with the advent of internet our lives have witnessed a sea change with regards to work in our day-to-day activities. Conducting business online is made easy in just few clicks.

For a successful online business first thing first is a good and user friendly web design, this helps in attracting a larger audience. A well designed website ensures compatibility, visual appearance, flexibility and easy access. A customized web application development guarantees access to your website through all mobile phones and web browsers.

Web application development in broader sense is a specialized area involving development and maintenance of software application to create useful web pages. There are different types of coding languages used such as Javascript, PHP, ASP and others based on the website requirement for web application or mobile. These languages function differently in web application development process.

Each site varies from one another such as an e-commerce site needs web applications to set online stores for different online businesses. For a site to successfully run server various software applications is required. Web application development not only helps in generating business but also helps in tracking details, accounting, file transferring and many more.

A well designed website will get more visitors helping you generate maximum revenue from your online business. Magicworkz a reputed and professional web design company assures customers a sound, attractive and professional websites. We carry necessary analysis of the project documentation of client's projects to provide satisfactory results.

Having an error free and clean structure is possible by following certain rules matching W3 standards. Web application development helps you design websites the way you want, incorporating required applications suiting individual business will lead you towards success.

We help you reach your vision and goals by providing right solutions based on your specific requirements.

Web Application Development

CMS Development

CMS allows the user to manage the procedures of editing, publishing and change the content and also maintain the same from central line/interface. It is a computer program helping to manage workflow in a shared setting.

CMS are frequently used to run websites comprising of news, blogs and shopping, these actions can be automated flow or manual steps. Several corporate and marketing websites incorporate CMSs; they are used to avoid manual coding but may require it for definite elements or for whole pages.

The main purpose of CMS is to systematize and stock files, offer access to their data through version control. The features of this development vary showcasing powerful functions including web based publishing, version control, layout/format management, searching, directory, search and recovery. This development tool increases the version number when latest updates are further added to an existing file.

Magicworkz offer attractive websites for the prospective customers who are more interested in the look and feel. We create sites that are easily understood by a technical and non technical user, the frontend is custom designed to make the site look pleasant and take less time in publishing. We make it highly expandable by allowing adding sections and plug-ins to insert more features.

Choosing a great CMS to start your design, development and organizing your website will be easier, we make it optimized for stability and speed and also SEO friendly. Many companies find it difficult to update their website frequently in that case website with CMS is of great help.

Magicworkz CMS development allows you to update page content, upload and edit images without installing any software or any technical help. The development team has hands on experience to crack any website in any language like ASP, PHP, .Net and others helping us to provide healthy, functional websites for your business.

CMS Development


Responsive/Parallax Web Design is aimed at making your website favorable for viewing experience. This type of sites are easy for reading, navigation, scrolling, resizing and design flow, which suits devices like laptop, desktop and mobile.

Mobile users have increased to sky rocketing numbers, day by day number of platforms, devices and browsers are coming into the market, in that case responsive designs symbolize fundamental change. In simple words one site for every screen small, medium and large.

Magicworkz practice certain basic rules to build a responsive website such as we start by small, check the content and making the sites modular are our core practices. We create sites that have cutting edge technology and architecture offering "App like" experience on tablets, Smartphones regardless of the operating systems, mobiles will get a simplified version because it requires simple navigation, faster page loads and focused content.

User on the go do not have time and they have different needs than people sitting on the desktop, in such matters responsive designs automatically re-organize themselves with the device for perfect viewing. It is also called as forward thinking technology as it works on any devices that will come in future.

The structure of a responsive designed website is SEO friendly as it allows the search engine to read it easily. A flexible grid based design used for relative resizing, and CSS for flexible resizing of images are the core technical concepts implemented by our professional team to create a truly responding website for our clients. We can also integrate websites in different languages using all the features in couple of hours.

Magicworkz assures our clients a magical experience with Responsive Web Design.

Responsive Parallax Web Design


Search engine optimization is a process of getting traffic from organic or natural listing. Major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines will fetch you search results on the top list. It is a practice of optimizing websites by using strategies, techniques used to increase the visitors traffic to obtain top ranking in search results page.

SEO will make your site more profitable, your social media, search results and back links act as icing on the cake, where as information structure, content management system keeps your visitors and customers on tab.

A good SEO company will communicate effectively to the search engines and recommend your website for related searches. Magicbrickz provides unmatched SEO services with genuine content because content still reigns as the king, getting links for the pages from good sites, we get organic searches and traffic for your websites, we also do social media optimization such as creating fan page in facebook, and other social networking sites like twitter and others.

If you are planning to hire a professional SEO then this is the right time and the right place where you can get the results you want for your business. We give no false assurances of getting you the no.1 ranking; companies saying this are not genuine. Our experts strive to work ethically on your projects and help you in brand building and generate good sales with profitable returns, keyword strategy is followed religiously.

Magicworkz practices timely delivery of services, maintains transparency with our clients, creates friendly and pleasant sites both for visitors and customers. We target multi channels like Pinterest, E-mail, Linkedin, offline, Facebook, Twitter etc. We avoid keyword stuffing and purchased links. Offering user friendly site with effective SEO is our motto.

Take our hand to reach out to the world.

Search Engine Optimization